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Education & Certifications:

  • International Sports Science Association Certified since 1995
  • University of Arizona - Tucson, AZ Course work in Nutrition
  • The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing - Calgary, Canada Coursework in Herbology & Holistic Healing
  • Studied with Dr. Terry Willard, Botanical Advisor to the Canadian FDA Founder The Wild Rose College
  • Studied with Dr. Andrew Zalay & Saint Georgio Two Time Nobel Prize winners / Science and Technology
  • Studied with Dr. Massoud Arvanaghi PHD Specialty Formulations
  • Studied Sports Nutrition, Holistic Medicine & Naturopathic Cleansing with Dr. Francis Nettle, MD, & US Navy Seals Trainer & Nutritionist, Olympic Sprinter Conditioning and Sports Injury Recovery Detox & Natropathic Cleansing
  • Dr. John Wise, MD, US Olympic Committee Member & Co-Developer Olympic Training Facility San Diego, CA Studied Naturopathic Medicine Conditioning and Sports Injury Recovery Epidemiology & Disease Prevention
  • Accomplishments:

    • Founder and C.O.O. of Townsend Health Group
    • Founder and Coach : West Valley Handball Association - Peoria, Arizona
    • Author : The Brainstormer, Natural Alternatives For Good Health
    • Radio Talk Show Host : The Townsend Health Hour
    • Charter Member : Entrenet Nutritionals
    • Advisory Committee Member : Alliance USA
    • Enroller of the Year : Sportron International Inc.
    • Currently : Founding Member of Cal Nutra Sciences Incorporated
    • Currently : Nutritional Advisor and Managing Director of Xyngular USA.
    • Currently : Helping soldiers and their families regain their health and their lives through the use of new and unique products.
    • There are hundreds of great companies and hundreds of great products available today. Knowing the "Who's Who" in the industry is my life. Knowing how to benefit the most is my passion. My favorite "super juice and supplementation"