Heather W.

My name is Heather and what I have done is just too good not to share. So here I go... when I was 38 years old I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure. I went into the OBGYN with a very bad yeast infection that over the counter medications would not clear up. I also wanted to be looked over in hopes to have my 1st child. After bloodwork, my doctor called me back right away giving me the news no one wants to hear... diabetes... AND you won't be thinking of having a child for at least one year! WOW! That hit me like a ton of bricks. I am 38, getting a little old to have a little one already. My blood sugars were in the 700s and my A1C was 19.1. Both numbers off the charts and at very dangerous levels. I needed to lose a lot of weight and learn to take better care of myself. I found an all natural program that was diabetic friendly and they had a 100% 30 day empty bottle guarantee, so I thought why not? What happened changed my life forever... My 1st 8 days I lost 13lbs and then my next 8 days I lost another 10lbs. After 6 months with no exercise I lost 87lbs and my doctor removed me from 6 shots of Insulin a day. I was INSULIN FREE! I a little over a year I am down 157lbs and still have a ways to go, but here is the blessing... my little baby boy Matrix was born when I was 40 and he is my WHY. My reason for getting healthy and losing the weight and taking control back of my life.