Randy B.

After 8 days I had lost 10.6 pounds and 9.5 inches. After 3 weeks, I noticed I felt much better and didn't need my pain meds. I had been taking 3200 mg of Ibuprofen each day for chronic knee and joint pain that I had been experiencing for the past 18 months. After 4 weeks on the products I went to see my orthopedic surgeon about my pending knee surgery. I was due to have both knees replaced. He couldn't believe it. My MRI showed little or no padding between the joints. He CANCELED my surgery and removed me from all my pain meds! I haven't needed to see him since! I am off reflux and RLS meds. I no longer need a CPAP machine to breathe at night either. My arthritis has all but disappeared and my bloodwork is finally normal! My cholesterol dropped from 252 t0 152 and my triglycerides dropped from 298 down to 62! In 10 months I lost 75 pounds and 36 inches. The best part of all this is living my life without chronic pain!