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Stan's Story

Upon returning from Viet Nam, it was that desire to compete, train, and fight that drove me with passion back to the gym. But many of my fellow comrades were becoming sick with unknown conditions, liver failures, cancer, diabetes, addictions, as well as various conditions of arthritis. I introduced juicing and supplementation to them with positive shocking results. This drove me back to school where nutrition became a lifelong passion. With the GI bill, I became a University of Arizona Wildcat, where I studied nutrition and was introduced to the benefits of handball. I have been playing handball now, for over 30 years and trust me I am always looking for an edge. I have been involved with nutritional enhancements most of my life. I started wrestling in the 3rd grade. I was designing diets by the time I was in high school. Most of my life I have been popping vitamins and any thing else that would give me an edge. Trust me I have eaten some of the worst concoctions of vegetables and fruits you could possibly imagine. There is nothing like natural. If you don't believe me throw a raw egg, shell and all, into your next smoothie ..... I was designing diets to meet soldiers needs when I was in the U.S. Army. I studied under Dr. Francis Nettle's Endurance Training with the United States Navy Seals. I became certified in nutrition through the International Sports Science Association 20 years ago but have been involved with marketing nutritional products for the past 34 years. I have studied under some of the finest and most honorable herbologists in the world. Dr. Terry Willard, Botanical Advisor to the Canadian FDA and founder of the largest holistic College of natural healing in all of North America, The Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary Canada. I studied under Dr. Francis Nettle, the nutritional expert for the U.S. Navy Seals. I am a radio talk show host for the "Townsend Health Hour" and have written numerous articles on the natural alternatives for good health. We are constantly looking for a better way.... I also found the most efficacious products money can buy are being manufactured by direct selling companies who invest more in the ingredients than they do into the sales and marketing of the products. I also found direct selling companies have your best interest at heart rather than their own self financial gain to make a statement on Wall Street. So most great companies have a very lucrative "Rewards Program" where they actually pay you to use their products and pay you generously to tell your story. This gave me access to the products which in turn gave instant gratification. Quick results! And connections to some of the most recognized formulators in the world. Nobel Prize winners. Olympians.... I found most of us will not give up the wonderful products we have grown to trust and use. I also found there is always room for improvement. I have found that money isn't everything, although it does rank up there with oxygen when it comes to improving one's quality of life. Most importantly, I have learned, together, you and I can make a difference. If we help enough other people get what they want, we can have everything in life we want. I have seen good products come and go. After 34 years in this business I have recognized the ones who will be here in the future. One of them is me. Come join me and my philosophies and let's see what we can become. Join me and make a difference in someone else's life today. I am here so you can be all there. To your health and wealth, The Townsend Health Group
Stan Townsend