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I served with the 11th Armored Cavalry in Viet Nam in 1969 and 1970. I was fortunate enough to come home in one piece. Two purple hearts and four Bronze Stars later, do not hold a candle to the courageous soldiers and their families as they re-adjust back into civilian life. This website is my way of giving back. PTSD is not exclusive to the soldiers. The loved ones and families pay the price for our freedoms as well. Many soldiers come home carrying viruses, bacterias, deficiencies, parasites, and many medical conditions which take time to heal. I have dedicated my life to new age nutrition and technology so our soldiers and their families can live productive lives once again. This website is designed to provide the very best information for you and your families. If I can accomplish one thing with this site, it is to improve the quality of your life and those you love. I spent over 7 years permanently disabled according to the medical arena, but found all natural products to be a blessing in my life. I now teach and speak on new age products and the differences they can make. I spend several days a month visiting our veterans hospitals and am witnessing the same consistent conditions that have plagued our vets and their families for decades. I want to make a difference. Obesity, diabetes, arthritis and depression run rampant and there are natural treatments that the body will respond to immediately. If I could do anything here, it would be to show you a better way of life. I appreciate you,
Stan Townsend

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Do you or someone you love suffer from:

  • 1. Digestive disorders
  • 2. Difficulty getting a restful sleep
  • 3. Blood sugar imbalances
  • 4. Weight management problems
  • 5. Inflammation (Joints, Arthritis, or wounds)
Some of these can be taken care of in minutes, some in days, while others may take weeks. Through my all-natural, effective system they can all be corrected!
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As a distinguished Military News Journalist in magazines world-wide, best-selling Author featured on FOX and FRIENDS and CNN, a News Anchor and Talk Show Host of my own television show, my life is beyond chaotic! With that being said I have never endorsed any person or product ----- UNTIL NOW! With my hectic lifestyle I was not eating properly, not sleeping and constantly on the go leaving me feeling totally depleted. I could not juggle my time properly, focus mentally or take time to nourish my body which is needed to focus and stay strong. I needed my head back in the game of the cut-throat news world that I eat, sleep and breath! Then along came TOWNSEND HEALTH! Today after using ALL the products (yes, I tried them all!) I have never felt better in my life! My game is back on track. I endorse Stan Townsend and his life-changing company TOWNSEND HEALTH. I am going to be brave here and post my email address because I dare YOU to take the 8 day challenge and email me personally to let me know your progress! Together we can all change the world one person at a time! AUTHOR1@LIVE.COM Let's do this together! ~ Donna Lyons - Military News Journalist, Author, News Anchor and Talk Show Host.